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Established in 2010 downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, Synergy Studios is a brief stroll from the stunning views of Tampa Bay. Located one block west of bustling Beach Drive, within walking distance to world-class restaurants and cafes, unique shops and boutiques, top-rated museums and hotels, our studio is the perfect little get-away in the heart of St. Pete.

We are deeply committed to improving the well-being of our clients through holistic means by offering multiple synergistic modalities of massage and bodywork that promote an individualized approach to health and wellness.

With over 40 years of collective and interdisciplinary experience, combining diverse teaching backgrounds with international traditions, our therapists are dedicated to offering affordable and easily available professional health and wellness services to residents and visitors of St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay area. Invest in your health and book a session with us today!

Massage Therapy

Ashiatsu,Thai Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy & More

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Continuing Education

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Connecting with our community

  • Pilar Hook Ashi Thai
  • Sound Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Hang Drum Sound Healing

What’s NEW at Synergy Studios?

Sound Therapy

Instruments such as tuning forks, the hang drum, and crystal singing bowls are use during this treatment.

Unlike most instruments, these are made to play the purest of all tones because of the special metals and crystals they are made of. There is also a special tuning process that takes place when these instruments are made so that sound can be applied to the body in a therapeutic setting. These instruments are specifically designed to relieve the nervous system of stress completely – resulting in deep and lasting states of relaxation. On top of the therapeutic music provided with these instruments, she also sings along with them.

Two-Therapist Treatment

Because we have such a multifaceted team you can experiance a wide range of therapies done by not only one but two therapist at once. Image getting a double dose of healing in one session.

Binaural Beats with a reflexology treatment

BB works through a process called brain entrainment. This is call a ‘frequency following response’. Through this process the brain can be trained to induce a variety of different states beneficial to your mental and physical health. Lay back and receive a reflexology treatment as you balance your brain train. Come experiance St. Pete’s Feet Retreat with Binaural Beats!!!

Now offering services exclusive to AER apartment residents

Our core values

To bring clients an unparalleled level of skill and experience with deep industry knowledge, hands-on experience and intelligence.
To continually meet and fully satisfy the evolving needs of every individual client.
Committed to being transparent, honest and candid with students, clients and partners.
To quickly adapt to each client’s needs allows greater opportunity to integrate effective modalities and provide customized therapy and classes.
“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ~ John C. Maxwell
To encourage customers to clear their own unique paths to vibrant health and wellness by facilitating a safe space for healing and change,
To bring a level of innovation and passionate curiosity to every service provided in order to bring the highest quality product to clients and inspire them to live from their own creative and unique passion.

Latest Testimonials

Pilar’s touch is simply magical! Since the beginning, she has known exactly what to do. She has the most special ability to bring peace and comfort to the bodies she touches. Put yourself in her hands/feet and you will be amazed what she can do for you!
Pilar is a very intuitive and professional therapist. She is patient in explaining the procedures and has a deep knowledge of the anatomy she is dealing with. I would and do highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with musculoskeletal issues.
Bryan R.
With both yoga and massage, Synergy Studios promotes peace and good health. I’m grateful for this Zen haven!
I loved the warm welcoming atmosphere! I left feeling the most relaxed I have felt in years. The Ashiatsu massage was amazing, I have never experienced anything like it . Thank you Synergy Studios for giving such wonderful treatment.
I’m amazed at how good my body feels since integrating Ashai Thai massage into my therapeutic regimen. I’ve never felt so good in my life. I highly recommend Synergy Studios to everyone.
Chris D.
Hands and feet down, the best massage in the Tampa bay area.
Carla M.
Pilar is the best ! I have much respect and admiration for her passion and commitment to teach and stay loyal to her students. Not to mention her ambition to be attentive and continue to grow in knowledge and experience to share. Highly recommended!!
Leslie B.